how to achieve the 'fierce perfect' eyebrows

As requested, here's a step by step pictorial on how to achieve this 'perfect' looking brows. Sorry for the quality of the pictures. I just moved and my camera battery died and I wasn't able to find the charger that's why I had to resort to using my camera phone. And remember, practice makes perfect!

Tools I used: Benefit's browz-ing palette, hard angle brush, spooly brush, concealer brush, and MAC nc42 concealer.


  1. They look amazing!!
    S xx

  2. hi dear! i just found your blog and i really love it are so beautiful. i was wondering if you mind passing by my blog and also follow each other?
    kisses :)

  3. wow thanks !

  4. Can you tell us what you use for your lips as well? I have very full lips like you and would like to achieve the same natural look you have without going totally nude which does not match my skin tone. THANKS !


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