let's build a kingdom in the clouds

I was trying to create something softer but the quality of the images aren't so great since they're taken with my point and shoot. I have to get myself a dslr soon. I usually wear a lot of black but as of late, I've been adding a lot of cream and nude pieces to my wardrobe. I also prefer form fitting dresses but this dress was an exception. Both the dress and oversized sweater are from H&M, very cute finds. I find myself shopping at H&M a lot, you can never go wrong in that store. I was shopping at the Soho location and I was amazed at how well the mannequins were put together. I wanted to buy the exact wardrobe the mannequins had on! 


  1. I must say you look like a princess in that dress !!! im i writer from sweden is there any posibility to translate my text on may blog into english!! i also have blogspot

  2. love your style!
    these photos are amazing :)

  3. beautiful pictures and beautiful YOU!! love the H&M dress! following you now :D




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