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my must have drugstore products

So my first must have drugstore product is the 'Loreal Magic Perfecting Base.' The reason to why I highly recommend this product is because my skin is sensitive and I break out easily using any types of base and primers. I break out far more worst using a bad primer than using a bad foundation! This is the only base that I can use on my skin that won't break me out. I love the consistency of it, it's very velvety and smooth. The texture kind of remind me of Clarin's Instant Smooth Perfecting touch base; so the Loreal is kind of a cheaper alternative. If you're still sort of skeptical about this product, try using some on a small area of your face to see if your skin may have any reactions to it. I suggest using it on a small part of your jaw line to test it out.

My next drugstore product that I highly recommend is 'Elf's Clarifying Pressed Powder.' I was always skeptical of Elf because of it's price, only being $1 doesn't really suggest that it's the best quality. Little did I know, that I was absolutely wrong. My aunt first introduced me to this powder about two years ago and only because she accidentally bought the wrong shade for herself. I use 'spice' as an all over face powder. I wear it as a foundation when I need quick color to my face when running out to do errands and I also put it on after my liquid foundation routine. I also use 'toffe' to contour, this product is so versatile! The coverage isn't cake-y at all, it's light and perfect. The only thing that sucks about this product is the limited shades it comes in.

So my next favorite drugstore product is 'Aquaphor Lip repair.' I always use some type of balm every morning when I get ready for my day. Before I begin any makeup routine, I always apply this to my lips. I let it sit while I do my makeup, once I'm done applying my makeup, my lips will be nice and smooth and ready for me to apply lip color. I don't like to apply lipstick or any lip color to dried cracked lips. This will make your dry cracked lips smooth quick, that's why I love it! Before finding trying this product, I use to use Shiseido Benefiance Lip correction balm. That product is amazing but at $32 it can get a little costly. So the aquaphor is a great dupe!

Another one of my great finds is 'Mabelline's eyestudio.' The reason why I love this product so much is because it's so easy to work with. It doesn't smudge like a pencil and it doesn't crack like a liquid eyeliner. One pot will last you a good while and this is coming from a gal who never leaves the house without the infamous thick cat-eye everyday. The brush that it comes with it is perfect, it's small and soft, perfect for perfecting the cat-eye.

Last but not least, 'Loreal's lash boosting serum.' I saved the best for last, obviously. ;) So I lack upper lashes so, I've been using this product continuously for the past two and a half weeks. I use this product once a day every morning. I apply to my upper and lower lashes and then I use the tip to drag along the top of my lid where the lash line starts. The process may take a while but I started seeing results the more dedicated I was. I apply it on everyday without missing a day. My lashes has gotten fuller and a tad bit longer. In another post that I'll post some time later, I'll show you the before and after picture. Also I've been hearing good reviews about the Rapidlash so I will also be trying this product and doing a review sometime later after I finish my tube of Loreal. Stay tuned!

These are the few products that I love and highly recommend. There are more gems I have yet discovered.  I'll continue to share any products that I find and that I think is worthy enough of doing a review about. My next drugstore product post will be about lipsticks. Great shades for under $6!

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